I recently visited Kensington Church for a Wednesday service. It was an awesome experience. Dave Wilson talked about Family. It's been weighing pretty heavy on my heart lately too. To which always leads me to believe more and more in the power of the Holy Spirit. But it also gets me thinking about cultural relevance of Marriage.

  Marriage is sanctioned by God... Period. But the mere fact that culture is trying to redefine marriage proves that, as a culture, marriage is faltering. During the lesson, Dave quoted some stats on marriages failing percentages. Where that may be true overall, we need to recognize also, that as a culture, less and less percentage of overall people in the society are engaging in a marriage at all. So, the percentages are skewed slightly. It's basically a percentage of the marriages that are actually taking place. Anyway, how can we as a church claim to know Christ if, percentage wise, we are equal to, if not worse than, the world?

  This is Ludicrous! Outrageous! Preposterous! The world will never want what we have if we don't seem any different than that of the world. We need to have forgiveness in our marriages. Dedication, loyalty, recovery, and grace. God hates divorce, it is plainly said in the scriptures. And far too often, we as a Church offer less grace than the world does when it comes to infidelity. I've heard ministers say that someone had every right to leave the other person, and that was just in response to someone admitting an addiction to pornography. To me, admission is the first step to recovery. And to tell someone to get out at this stage is very dangerous. I've been down that road. I'm well on the road to recovery. Step by step, day by day.

  Our marriages need to show this world that there IS a God, and that He cares about us so much, that He sent His Son for us. That this marriage should be taken as a covenant between parties. Not just between a husband and wife, but also before God Almighty! We've got to show this world who God really is. Jesus prayed for Complete unity among believers. COMPLETE UNITY! Not just a ho-hum "I guess they're my brother/sister". What are we doing?! I think the only way to be the Church today is to unite. Not just with those that think like we think, but with those that are Christians. 

  Does that mean that all the churches need to merge? Perhaps... Merge as one mind, yes, but each church building/gathering/tribe, I guess those can be considered as different parts of one body. But ultimately, yes, we should all be one. If all of us as the Church would unite... Wow... The world would be a different place. If we as a body can unite, then we can surely unite in marriage. As one family. Not as one big blended family that doesn't really get along so well. Let's give it a try. Unite!

  Remember that I am not your enemy! Each tribe is not the enemy! There is only one real enemy, and it is not of flesh and blood! We need to remember, our Spouse is not the enemy! Our brethren are not the enemy! That other church down the street is not our enemy! If anything, we need to unite! Embrace, grab hands, and become ONE in Christ Jesus! Let's show this world the power of Jesus Christ! Let's become one in Him! At ALL cost we need to unite! Please, join me in prayer that we may all become ONE in Christ! In our families, and in our church families, and to join in union with Christ!

  I love all of you out there! I don't know who reads this, but I pray for you all daily. God is working on me daily, and I struggle too. Be faithful! Until next time!

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