I know God is Good! I sit here, listening to music, and I find myself lost in God's love. I'm amazed at the constant Love that He has for me. I know me, and I know that He knows me more, and I find it hard for me to love myself, much rather someone who knows me better than I do, and yet He chooses to love me. Not only does He love me, He LIKES me! I find this unphathomable how He loves us! Incomprehensible, unbelievable, incredible, amazing, awesome love.

I find myself lost in His love more than I recognize. I definitely KNOW music has an influence in life, and in the greater scheme of things (just ask me about my story and my journey back to the light). The type of music you listen to, and the genre you choose to listen to. Secular vs Christian. I know many people try to justify listening to secular music by stating that they connect to people through the secular music. Not that I'm not against the secular music, but I think the Christian music we listen to, should outweigh the secular music in our lives. Whether that is the music in our heart, or music in our ears.

Many at RCC may wonder why I sometimes mention Woodside Bible Church from time to time. Well, it's a long story, but I attend and help out their Celebrate Recovery ministry. It's definitely one of the larger CR meetings in the area, but on top of that, the music I hear weekly lifts my spirits and allows me to praise in my heart! It reminds me that God cares about me, and that even though I'm a sinner, that God truly does care about me. Don't get me wrong, RCC has awesome music too, and I love a cappella music. It's just that my soul longs to praise God in all that I do... To praise God with instruments and with the voice. My heart fills with joy when I hear the music come together. Nathan even seems to have that joy related to music too. I play the songs, and I see him sitting there, just bobbing his head to the music.

He seems to want to play the drums. He hears the beat, he starts to use his hands like he's hitting drums. I used to play drums MANY years ago, but I'm thinking I should get him some drums, to give him a creative outlet for his desire to hit things (and people). But I don't have any money to get drums. I'd like to pick them back up myself too. Anyone have a drum set laying around? :-)

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. God is Good! One last note. I know that God created everything. The skies and the earth were created for us to behold His glory. I believe that also entitles us as Christians to discover the secrets of this world in which we live. I believe that the more we learn about things, invent new things, design new things that have never been seen before, that we just learn more about the Creator of it all. It blows me away that "Scientists" these days can claim to discover new things, and yet choose to ignore the creator of it all. In my life, the more I've discovered, invented, learned, it leaves me more in awe of God every new thing I learn. How can someone that has been placed in a role of leadership over the things in his life, can ignore the King of all the universe, the one who placed you in the role in the first place. I'm amazed we're still alive. God is a merciful and gracious God. I'm amazed daily!

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